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The last word…

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biking the hills/mountains of Somanya, Eastern Region, Ghana. Dope! A big ass pig passed across my path. Goats traipsing through the streets. Church Praises vibrating through the air. Taxi drivers washing their cars getting ready for the day. The lotto man set up in his hut. Local children fetching water. And this is all before the break of dawn. 

Ghana is giving me life. The color. The dark beauty. The organic ways of living. 


Adrian Franks | Consumerism Series: Upper & Lower Decks

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- CARTER Magazine

One of the most powerful image’s I’ve seen in a while. 


Campaign and catwalk: MaXhosa by Laduma.

Inspired by creator Laduma Ngxokolo's Xhosa heritage, MAXHOSA BY LADUMA is an innovative knitwear line that seeks to preserve culture through contemporary fashion.

Traditional Xhosa aesthetics are merged with tailoring and garments from other parts of the world, all made with South African mohair and merino wool, to create items ranging from cardigans to cushion covers. Laduma’s designs are more specifically inspired and guided by the Xhosa Ulwaluko (male circumcision and initiation) ceremony, one of the most important events in the life of a young man as he graduates into manhood.

Undoubtedly one of my favourite local designers.

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All Africa, All the time.

did anybody catch the editing to make their faces look lighter in the first three pics?

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I’m in Ghana! 


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